At Once Upon The River resort in Aluva, Ayurvedic resort in Aluva, Kochi we offer rejuvenation, wellness treatment using traditional Ayurvedic treatments. Ayushya, our in-house Ayurvedic Centre is housed in a 116 year old Ayurveda mana within our resort in Aluva, Kochi. We offer our guests a complete rejuvenation and wellness treatment through traditional Ayurvedic treatments. An array of personalised Ayurveda treatments and programmes has been carefully perfected by our traditional practitioners focused on de-stress, cleansing, detoxification, deep relaxation ensuring your complete rejuvenation.

May you find physical and mental healing from the awakened spiritual energy that rests within yourself while on your stay at our ayurvedic resort in Aluva, Kochi



The ayurvedic wellness treatments at our ayurvedic resort in Aluva is designed for the city dweller seeking a well-deserved break for healing, detoxification and rejuvenation with a relaxing holiday experience


At Charupadi, in front of Ayushya, you can sit back and relax enjoying the view of River Periyar. From Charupadi you have steps leading to the bathing ghat. From there you can see Mahilalayam Thuruthu Bridge built across the River Periyar.