RELAX By the Riverside The perfect holiday spot within the city, for you to relax peacefully… BREATHE The Magical Ambience Breathe in the homely air of Kerala in the luxurious comfort of our Resort… Private Pool Villa

Set in the midst of the serene ambience on the banks of River Periyar, Once Upon The River – the luxury resorts in Kochi, river view hotels in Aluva is the perfect escape from the tumult of the city within the city. Just within a twelve-minute drive from Cochin International Airport Limited (CIAL) Once upon the River is the best transit hotels near Cochin Airport. Once upon the River is the best luxury resorts near Cochin Airport and also at a close distance from most happening places and other attractions of Kochi. Enjoy your holiday stay in Kochi at this best river view resorts, hotel in Kochi, Aluva. Once upon the River is a perfect chill-out resort in Kochi to spend the day with your friends and family. It’s also one of the best resorts in Kochi for corporate team outings and ideal for hosting your important ceremonies like pre-wedding events, wedding receptions, and other special celebrations in Kochi. Book your premium stay in Kochi at Once upon The River. You won’t find a better hotel in Kochi or resorts in Kochi to enjoy with your family and friends.

Casa Sagwan

Casa Sagwan Offers a sublime retreat for those seeking unparalleled luxury and tranquility. Immerse yourself in the lavish embrace of a secluded villa adorned with timeless elegance and modern comforts. The villa boasts a spacious and tastefully adorned living space, seamlessly blending modern comforts with the river’s timeless charm.

Tha Sagwan tree or ‘tectona grandis’ is widely known around the world as Teak tree. The word teak originated from the malayalam word ‘Thekku’. The best luxury furniture around the world are made from Teak wood.

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Nutmeg is one of the most widely spotted trees at Once Upon The River. This elegant architectural beauty, furnished with classy wooden furniture whose balconies are hugged by the branches of Nutmeg trees, is so named after Nutmeg. The Nutmeg mansion has a covered rooftop overlooking the river Periyar best for hosting parties and meetings. With four bedrooms, Nutmeg is the first building that you come across our resort in Kochi after Marhaba.

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Named after the sweet fruit Rambutan tree in front of this building, this building is the ultimate combination of comfort and ease at our resorts in Kochi. With the easiest access to the pool and best amenities, Rambutan has the best rooms that you have ever seen. Rambutan is the luxurious home with rooms and balconies overlooking into the rich greenery of the resort and pool frontage. Rambutan has the perfect ambience with nicely furnished rooms, health club and recreation center which makes it the most sought building at the resort.

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Here comes Mangosteen specially designed for those who want to escape the hustles of life and find the spirit within… Quench your thirst of inner peace in this soothing ambience within the city in the midst of Mangosteen trees. The best features about Mangosteen rooms are that you have easy access to the restaurant and the balconies give a perfect view of the river Periyar at this luxurious resorts in Kochi .

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At Marhaba, the gateway to Once Upon The River – the best luxury resort in Kochi, we welcome you to our paradise. Experience a holiday full of fun, relaxation and an unparalleled level of comfort and modern convenience for a great luxury stay. We offer you the best hospitality for a premium riverside stay in Aluva. Once Upon The River is unique river view, waterfront luxury resort in Aluva, Kochi because it offers you a calm, soothing ambience without the noise of the city, but just a stone’s throw away from it.

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Ayusha, located in the the heart of Once upon the river is a 116 years old Mana. Ayushya evokes a essence and heritage of vintage Kerala architecture with precious historical wooden architecture: a perfect backdrop for your Instagram photos.

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Nestled amidst lush landscapes, this majestic venue offers an idyllic backdrop for celebrations and events. Bathed in natural light, the Riverside Pavilion seamlessly blends opulence with the serenity of the riverbank, creating an enchanting atmosphere. Its spacious interior accommodates diverse gatherings, from grand receptions to intimate ceremonies.

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Hide out

Discover the allure of the “Hideout" at Once Upon the River—a meeting room like no other, seamlessly blending sophistication with natural charm. Tucked away in the heart of the resort, this secluded enclave exudes an air of exclusivity, providing the perfect setting for strategic discussions and creative collaborations.

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A retreat right on the banks of Periyar


Embrace the winds & the lullaby of birds. Padippura is one of the coolest features of ONCE UPON THE RIVER. It’s the gateway to our heaven & is our guest's favourite spot for having conversations.


Our river deck PONTE which captures the beauty of River Periyar is the perfect spot to relax and we also offer a boat ride through Periyar to enjoy the beauty of God’s own country…


Charupadi has the perfect intimate setting with River Periyar. Stepping down into the bathing ghat of Periyar, Charupadi has a romantic and spiritual environment to sit and loosen up your mind.


Lavishly sprawling over 3.5 acres of land, our resort in Kochi is a perfect spot for hosting your important ceremonies, pre-wedding events, wedding receptions, and other special celebrations.